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Uncovering Underused Employees and Their Hidden Potential

A business’s success depends on its ability to identify and tap into its employees’

full potential. Yet, it is common for managers to overlook underutilized personnel

which can lead to operational disruptions and hinder the business’s potential

growth. We offer tips and tricks that will help you uncover this hidden potential in

your staff members.

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Why Employees Are Overlooked

Underused employees can often be looked upon as an operational disruption to

the business. The signs are often subtle such as poor attendance or lack of

enthusiasm on the job. The key is for managers to be aware of these issues and

have a plan in place to address them before they become major issues within the


Introducing a Mentoring Program

Having a mentorship program allows experienced staff members to help guide

and develop junior-level staff who may not have all the necessary skills needed

for their job roles. This helps create an environment in which employees feel

supported and encourages collaboration among teams, leading to more

efficiency in operations. It also gives junior-level staff more opportunities for

growth within the organization.

Giving Employees More Responsibility

A great way to tap into an employee’s potential is by giving them more

responsibility at work. This could include delegating tasks or giving a long-term

employee additional duties like training new hires or taking on team lead

responsibilities temporarily when needed. Assigning more responsibility gives

employees a sense of purpose in their jobs while also helping them build new

skill sets that will benefit the company overall.

Offering Continuing Education Programs

Offering employees opportunities for additional training and education is a

valuable investment in both their personal growth and the advancement of your

business. For instance, having your team focusing on cybersecurity programs

can be immensely beneficial. This specialized education will equip them with

crucial skills in protecting the business' computers and network systems

against cyber threats.

The flexibility of online degree programs is particularly advantageous, as it allows

employees to balance their work commitments while advancing their education.

This not only enhances their skill set but also brings updated knowledge and

expertise into your business, contributing to its overall resilience and

competitiveness. By motivating your employees to explore the different

programs in fields like cybersecurity, you're fostering a culture of continuous

learning and innovation within your organization.

Open Communication

Encouraging open communication between management and staff creates an

environment where everyone has a voice that can be heard without fear of

repercussion or judgment from peers or superiors alike. Open communication

leaves room for feedback which helps foster positive relationships between

coworkers while fostering collaboration among teams leading to better results

overall, within your organization as well as increased morale among your team


Staying on Schedule

Working on a schedule is important to ensure tasks are completed efficiently and

effectively. Here are some tips for keeping employees on track:

● Establish and communicate clear expectations for each project.

● Create a timeline of milestones and deadlines with regular check-ins.

● Use tools such as task management apps or software to track progress

and stay organized.

● Offer rewards or incentives for meeting deadlines.

● Give feedback regularly on both successes and areas of improvement.

● Allow flexibility in the schedule to help employees maintain a healthy

work/life balance.

Identifying underutilized personnel is essential for any successful business

operation, but it’s possible when you take steps like introducing a mentoring

program, giving long-time employees more responsibility, and encouraging open

communication. Use the tips above to help your underutilized employees reach

their full potential.

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